Energetic Alchemy - Align Your Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies to a Pristine and Vibrant Reality

Are you ready to experience what is sure to be the next miracle-generating soundtrack of your life?

Emmanuel Dagher is quickly gaining global recognition as the next generation transformational agent and leader by clients, audiences and leaders in human transformation... and he's ready now to serve you with The Awakening Series!

Emmanuel has spent years perfecting these sessions and YOU are the first to experience them.

Imagine being gently and powerfully guided by this advanced soul to a place of wellness and alignment on all levels of being.

Not only guided, but held at the sweetest vibration, moving you to a deep and abiding change that subtly yet profoundly modifies the dynamic of your life, yielding peace, prosperity and vibrancy.

After 5 years of carefully crafting The Awakening Series, Emmanuel is over-the-moon excited to finally be able to share this amazing life’s work…

Imagine effortlessly…

  • Activating the deep stream of well-being that resides within you
  • Allowing sacred energy to flow and move without fear or a sense of limitation
  • Breathing life into every fiber of your being
  • Experiencing the next generation healing system in this new frequency of possibility
  • Manifesting your ultimate desired reality

…Starting today - as in RIGHT NOW.

Through Core Energy Therapy and sacred sound healing, you�ll gain access to some of the deepest and most profound methods and practices for energetic alchemy.

"The most complete, transformational and life-changing healing series I�ve ever experienced.�

- E. Rossum

The Awakening Series is hands down Emmanuel�s crowning achievement to date, and one of the most comprehensive energy systems I�ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I have witnessed mind boggling results in the lives of my clients when I integrate these sessions into my healing practice. In fact, I often recommend this healing system to most of my clients who are ready to go to the next level when it comes to enhancing their healing and spiritual path. The sessions have also helped me tremendously expand my state of consciousness, well-being, prosperity, business, and too many other blessings to count. Gift yourself the opportunity to let Emmanuel support you in the same way he has supported me and my clients. You will NOT be sorry you did. If you are sensitive to energy�get ready for the ride of your life!"

- Dr. Laura Sherman



Everything in the Universe, from the stars and planets to celestial bodies, human beings and minerals, vibrates at specific frequencies of sound and light.

Quantum Physics has revealed to us that sound and light are the foundations to the creation and expansion of ALL life.

As energetic beings, our lives are the manifestation of billions and billions of frequencies choosing to dance together.

Pretty miraculous, right?

This is your chance, through Emmanuel's energetic and healing support, to more consciously choose to tap into desired frequencies of sound and light.

Emmanuel moves these frequencies at the atomic level within your soul's blueprint to resonate at higher states of existence.

When we move through our lives at this new level of being, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies start to match these highly attuned frequencies, and miracles show up.

Ultimately, quantum physics has proven that we become ONE with the desired frequency... Emmanuel has tapped into this quantum energy and is delivering it to you directly through this program

You've heard about how the very molecules of water can be restructured, now imagine your being restructured to a place of deep and resonant soul possibility.

Ok so stay with me on the following...

Scientists have discovered that water is a living, breathing entity that serves as a conduit for transmitting energy.

When water aligns with a frequency it finds beneficial and expansive, it thrives.

AND, when viewed at the microscopic level, the molecules of water turn into works of art that resemble perfectly structured snowflakes.

This is sacred geometry at its finest!

So, what does this have to do with our healing?

The human body is made up of 70-80 percent water.

Now, these tools use the latest sound and vibration technologies to transform the water IN YOUR BODY at the molecular level, enhancing your physical being simply by listening.

Yep! Emmanuel will help you shift and transform, simply by listening!

Imagine what could happen when we choose to align with beneficial frequencies� the possibilities are endless.

The Awakening Series incorporates several different healing, sound and energy therapies that have been combined to create one of the most powerful, effective and expansive healing frequency modalities available.

The combined therapies in The Awakening Series include:

  • Core Energy Therapy Healing Protocols,
  • Solfeggio Healing Tones,
  • Rife Frequency Healing,
  • and Binaural Beats

Each of these therapies easily stands completely on its own.

NOW, just imagine the infinite possibilities that will unfold when they are harmoniously woven together to create one MEGA healing system.

Each session in The Awakening Series works on the subconscious, conscious, and cellular levels.

Igniting these points of access significantly enhances and accelerates your personal transformation process.

Even those who are not necessarily sensitive to energy will feel their body, mind and spirit energize and shift during and after listening to the sessions.

As you begin vibrating at higher levels, you may experience:

  • A buzzing feeling in the body
  • Surges of energy
  • Goosebumps/chills
  • Heat in the hands/face/body
  • Instant laughter or giggles
  • A healthy release of tears/crying
  • Heightening of 5 senses / and inner senses
  • And so much more...

Not only do you receive instant energetic confirmation that these sessions are taking effect, you�re going to receive lifelong transformation!

This series consistently pampers you on the energetic, emotional and physical levels.

The following 33 healing treatments in The Awakening Series are ready to support you with:

Session 1: Awakening to Divine Love
Session 2: Awakening to Abundance
Session 3: Awakening Physical Well-Being
Session 4: Awakening Emotional Well-Being
Session 5: Awakening Inner Stillness
Session 6: Awakening Healthy Relationships
Session 7: Awakening Higher Consciousness
Session 8: Awakening Inner Peace
Session 9: Awakening to Prosperity
Session 10: Awakening to Intuitive Development
Session 11: Awakening Joy
Session 12: Awakening Inspiration
Session 13: Awakening Motivation
Session 14: Awakening Self-Confidence
Session 15: Awakening to Miracles
Session 16: Awakening to Romantic Love
Session 17: Awakening to Freedom

Session 18: Awakening to Rest and Relaxation
Session 19: Awakening Your Divine Power
Session 20: Awakening to Divine Acceptance
Session 21: Awakening Balance
Session 22: Awakening a Happy and Healthy Inner Child
Session 23: Awakening to Personal Success
Session 24: Awakening to Professional Success
Session 25: Awakening Clarity
Session 26: Awakening the Great I AM
Session 27: Awakening Inner Strength and Courage
Session 28: Awakening an Open Heart
Session 29: Awakening an Optimistic Outlook
Session 30: Awakening to Intimacy
Session 31: Awakening Forgiveness
Session 32: Awakening to Self-Care
Session 33: Awakening to Oneness

The beauty of these healing sessions is that they are between 4-10 minutes long, so there�s ALWAYS enough time to fit at least one of them into your day!

***Special Note: You can enhance your healing experience by listening with stereo headphones.

These sessions do not require you to be in a meditative state, so they are safe to listen to in the car, at work or anyplace where being fully present and awake is necessary.

The healing music in each track was recorded and mastered in a top studio so that the quality of the sessions are absolutely pristine


The Awakening Series truly is Emmanuel's crowning achievement, you have everything you need to create and sustain a miraculous life.

On their own, each one of these sessions is extraordinarily powerful and transformative, BUT, when combined in this 33-session mastercourse, expansion is imminent.

With a retail value of over $1,800, this special offer enables you to tap into higher vibrations and create the expansive life you really want to live.

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Emmanuelpeaceofficial4Emmanuel has the rare, and much sought after ability to fully connect and engage with people from all nationalities and walks of life, making whomever he comes into contact with feel like they are kindred spirits who have known each other for a lifetime. This remarkable ability has escalated him to become recognized internationally as a Modern Day Mystic, Humanitarian, Transformation Specialist, accomplished Sound Alchemist and Visionary Healer for over 10 years.

Humble, authentic and committed; Emmanuel's soul inspired wisdom emanates from somewhere far beyond his years, and emboldens all to journey within to rediscover our true selves. He has dedicated his life to being of service to humanity, co creating thousands of heart centered empowering transformations by helping people remember who they are at their core, and realize their full potential as the amazing divine beings of love we all are.

Emmanuel creates epic pieces of music that have been described as 'healing masterpieces', 'otherworldly', and 'transformational'. Incorporating Solfeggio Healing Tones, Rife Frequency Healing, and Binaural Beats; Emmanuel has blended these with his very successful Core Energy Therapy Healing Protocols to bring about healing that is so deeply profound, it is almost incomprehensible as they lead into a place of total surrender.

The result of a divine collaboration with Emmanuel is greater love, personal freedom, expanded higher consciousness, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Every person who connects with Emmanuel, whether it is a neighbor, esteemed healer or world diplomat; leaves feeling fully seen, loved, and transformed after each interaction.


The information here is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained on this page or during this series is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.